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    July 18, 2016

    Lose The Cigarettes… And Start Living!

    As a clinical hypnotherapist in London, one of the ways I am able to get people to start thinking about stopping smoking is by getting them to tot up the total amount of money they are spending on their cigarette habit.

    If you’re a serious smoker, then it adds up to a colossal amount, and throwing such a sum away on something that can kill you can be pretty off-putting when you take a moment to consider it.

    It’s just one small aspect of what we do here at our hypnotherapy practise in London and Hampshire, and it certainly lends itself nicely to an infographic – so we designed this one so people can see at a glance how financially draining smoking is.

    Please feel free to pass it on to any smokers you know!


    Free Consultation - Value £50

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