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    How would your life be if you stop being blocked & started speaking easier?

    Hello, I’m James Mallinson & I’ve used Clinical Hypnotherapy to help thousands both online & face to face in London & Winchester
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    • I cannot recommend hypnotherapy with James highly enough. I went with acute anxiety & found it to be extremely effective, essentially eliminating my anxiety and enabling me to perform at my best straight away. Due to this amazing success, James refunded my second session, which shows great integrity on his part. I have never seen or experienced therapy as rapidly effective as James's, and I would not hesitate to revisit James if I ever felt that I needed help again in the future. Thank you, James! *

    • I would highly recommend James for hypnotherapy, I have overcome a phobia that I have been living with for years. My phobia was veins and blood tests and my concerns were that no form of therapy could help. I found James online - he was very professional and easy to talk to. I had hypnotherapy weeks ago now and am in awe at what James managed to do in only one session over zoom! I could instantly feel a change and I've had a blood test!, If you're considering hypnotherapy - go to James he is amazing!! *

    • Hi, my names Rio. A few months ago, I was a social smoker. Couldn’t have one drink without wanting a cigarette & it had been going on 8 years. It was honestly an incredible session that has stopped me from smoking not only that made me realise I want better for my health overall. Highly recommend. *

    Fix My Mind

    Hypnotherapy for Stuttering & Stammering in London

    Hello, at Fix My Mind we provide rapidly effective, premium and personalised Clinical Hypnotherapy for stuttering and stammering to clients in London and Hampshire.  Here we look at the ways in which Clinical Hypnotherapy may be able to help.

    Our co-founders have 25 years’ experience in helping clients overcome the things in life that are holding them back.  So you will be in incredibly safe and capable hands.

    If you have a question you’d like us to answer or would like to know more about how we may be able to help you, we offer a free 20 minute complimentary consultation. Call us on freephone 0800 122 3073, or fill in the quick contact form. And If you fill in the form, you’ll get a free 1hr download called the ‘Accelerated Relaxation Programme’ valued at £19.99.

    Stuttering is a very real and for some an embarrassing challenge and it rarely ‘sorts itself out’.  People who stutter frequently become fixated on the idea that they are about to stutter and then do so – it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.  The answer, as actress Emily Blunt found after encountering problems with stuttering in her youth, is to find a way off that path.  For Emily, the secret was to pretend to be an actress – by replying to a question not as herself but as an actress, she was able to find a clear and lucid voice.

    Techniques don’t have to be quite as dramatic as that (though it’s a pretty effective strategy)  in order to get results.  Helping people to overcome stuttering problems can be done relatively quickly.*

    Why choose Fix My Mind for help with stuttering

    We have over 25 years’ experience, which our clients tell us is an important factor when they choose us.

    We’ve trained with the likes of Dr Ronald Ruden MD, who’s a leading expert in trauma.  This is important because traumatic memories can be a link to a stutter and stammer and therefore it can be an important area to explore.

    As a result of the work we’ve done with clients, we’ve had a lot of media coverage in the likes of the BBC, The Observer and the Daily Mail.  When working with Dame Kelly Holmes on BBC Radio 4, she gave her experience of working with us ’10/10′. We work with you as an individual because you are one.  As such, everything we do with you is completely tailored around you.  There’s no bland, formulaic one size fits all approach here!

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    Dame Kelly Holmes

    I give my experience of hypnotherapy with James 10/10 *
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    What happens?

    Once you’ve booked an appointment, we’ll ask you to complete some pre-session work which tells us a lot about the history of your stuttering or stammering.  We’ll also ask you to keep a log of when you stutter, making a note of what was happening, who you were with what you were feeling and possibly saying in your head.  This important piece of work helps us to tailor your session.

    The problem is often anxiety-based and arises often-times from a specific incident/s.  It occurs when someone feels stress when they about to speak, or when they are so shocked by the idea of voicing something that they are simply unable to get the words out.  We can help you deal with that incident to make sure it loses its emotional impact.*

    We may need to work on any negative beliefs / self-talk which you may have and which makes your problem worse.*

    You’ll also learn very powerful relaxation techniques that you can use at any time out of the session. This is important because if you’re calm you can’t be anxious.  And it’s unlikely that the problem occurs when you’re relaxed.*

    By dealing with the underlying cause of the stutter and also putting in some very powerful conscious and unconscious coping strategies, we can help people get off the stuttering merry-go-round that is making life miserable*.

    What next?

    We’re expert Clinical Hypnotherapists, which means you can get results quickly and safely.  Please be aware that whilst we will give you 100% effort and skill, we can’t guarantee a success.  In fact, we suggest running a mile from therapists offering such guarantees!

    Your session will be 90 minutes long. This means that we can often achieve so much more than you can in the traditional 50-minute therapy hour that most therapists provide.  And, as part of our  ‘Step into Spring promotion, we are reducing that by 10% to only £290 + VAT per session . Genuinely, we have very limited availability and if you’d like to know more about he we may be able to help you, then do get in touch now.

    If you have any questions or would like more information about how we can help you overcome stuttering problems, we offer all clients a free 20 minute complimentary consultation. Call us on freephone 0800 122 3073, or fill in the quick contact form. If you fill in the form, you’ll also get a free 1hr download called the ‘Accelerated Relaxation Programme’ valued at £19.99.

    FREE consultation - value £50

    Arrange your free consultation to see how Hypnotherapy can help you and get a free ‘Accelerated Relaxation Programme’ (RRP £17.99)

    Accelerated Relaxation Programme CD
    • 2hr download value - £17.99
    • 20 minute consultation
    • 10% discount on all treatments

    Fix My Mind

    Our philosophy

    We have created a unique approach to hypnotherapy that we use in every single session. This approach helps get better results. During your session, we’ll go through three stages - Events, Emotions and Outcomes:

    Fix My Mind


    My stutter had reached a point where it was holding me back at work and wouldn't even allow me to talk to my girlfriend. I saw James as a last resort and oh how I wished I' d done it sooner!

    After two sessions my stutter was 80% gone and my girlfriend, friends, family and colleagues immediately noticed a big difference. After a month of using the techniques myself it had all but vanished with only the occasional blip remaining in otherwise fluent speech. I feel so confident and would even go so far as to say I feel powerful, as silly as that may sound to anyone other than a fellow stutterer.

    This is not a magic switch however and requires diligent work, for me at least, in order to maintain my fluency. After a couple of months, I got complacent and lazy with the daily exercises until I'd stopped altogether and sure enough it took a matter of weeks for me to regress to my very worst. I have since been stringently doing my daily exercises and the stutter has once again gone. It takes mere minutes per day, so keep it up, it's worth it.

    I'm very grateful to James, who was extremely knowledgeable and easy to get along with. His frank and open approach meant I knew exactly what my problem was and had the means to resolve it. The mind is a powerful tool. Thanks again. Rory *

    Rory Quinn - January 18th 2021
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