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    Think how much better life would be if you could finally stop smoking

    Hello, I'm James Mallinson, and I've used Clinical Hypnotherapy for smoking to help thousands to quit – both online and face-to-face in London and Winchester.
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    • James has a very honest yet approachable style and knows how to put you at ease. From the onset, James explained that this would not be a quick fix for me and I still have some work to do on myself but he has taught me techniques to help ease my fear which are extremely useful. It has given me a confidence boost which is always a bonus and I have left the sessions feeling very calm with a positive outlook towards the future diminishment of my fear. All in all, it has definitely been worth it and I would recommend for anyone with fears that can cause extreme anxiety. *

    • From unsure and nervous to conquering a phobia I've let control aspects of my life for the past forty years - in a matter of minutes! Still can’t quite believe it, I feel a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. James is friendly, approachable and in my humble opinion, a genius! Thank you *

    • James helped me with my horse riding anxiety after a bad fall. I really appreciated his open, forthright approach. I have had an excellent result. I have just returned from a week of horse riding abroad and can honestly say that ‘horse behaviour’ that would have terrified me beforehand (e.g., horse refusing to walk forward and backing up close to a cliff edge) I was able to deal with in a cool, confident way that I know I am capable of. I feel that James really put the effort into the session and as a result has helped me enormously. *

    Fix My Mind

    Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy in London, Online and in Hampshire

    James Mallinson — Co-Founder Fix My Mind

    Hello, I’m James Mallinson and I’d like to help you stop smoking.

    I know that stopping smoking is hard. No – make that really hard. When you’ve been a smoker for a while – possibly for many years now – quitting smoking, especially on your own, is very difficult.

    I’m here to tell you that there is a solution you perhaps haven’t tried yet that has a terrific success rate. Hypnotherapy for smoking is something I’ve used to help hundreds of people.

    You’ve probably already tried quitting a few times. There may have been New Year’s Resolutions about quitting smoking. About tearing up your last cigarette and throwing it in the bin. Maybe you had some success with nicotine replacement therapy such as nicotine patches. Or you have even tried vaping.

    Maybe you didn’t…

    So your smoking habits continue – and stopping smoking seems permanently out of reach.

    Worse, you’re probably deeply concerned about serious health conditions that can arise out of a cigarette addiction. Maybe your doctor has told you of the many benefits that come when people quit smoking – but they’ve been unable to help you to quit.

    So maybe it’s time to try a completely different approach to quitting smoking. Maybe it’s time to try hypnotherapy to stop smoking – which sets out to shift the way you see your habit and turn it from something you feel you want/need to do to something that you don’t.

    Quitting smoking with hypnotherapy

    Stopping is within most people’s grasp when they try clinical hypnosis for smoking. I know, because I have successfully helped numerous people to give up their smoking habit and become ex-smokers and live a healthier life. I trained for 2,000 hours to become a clinical hypnotherapist, and have now conducted more than 5,000 sessions.

    If you want to give up the cigarettes once and for all, I offer online stop smoking hypnotherapy sessions, or we can meet at my London hypnotherapy practice instead. I also have an office in Winchester if that’s more convenient. Whether you prefer online hypnosis or face-to-face, the treatment is equally effective.

    If you’d like me to help you quit smoking, I’m currently offering all new clients 10% off my standard fees to help with the cost of living crisis. Cigarette smoking really can become a thing of the past for many people, and right now with the cost of cigarettes at a record high, there’s never been a more compelling time to quit.

    To find out if stop smoking hypnotherapy is for you and you like the idea of becoming a non-smoker, I offer a FREE consultation lasting 20 minutes so that you can decide if this is right choice for you.

    When you get in touch, I’ll also send you a free one-hour relaxation download that I used to sell for £17.99. It might just help the next time you’re feeling stressed out and reaching for the cigarette pack.

    I look forward to helping you to quit smoking.

    Free Consultation - Value £50

    Arrange your free consultation to see how Hypnotherapy can help you, and get a free ‘Accelerated Relaxation Programme’ worth £17.99

    Why people struggle with smoking cessation

    Before we get to the nitty-gritty of what causes people to reach for the cigarettes, here are some pretty sobering statistics showing what you could save if you quit smoking today.

    How much you WILL save

    How much will you save?

    10 / day
    20 / day
    Every day
    Every week
    Every month
    Every 6 months
    Every year
    Every 10 years
    Every 20 years

    However, if you invested that same amount of money over 20 years, and applied compound interest at 5%, you’d make yourself £250,000. 

    And, of course, that’s before you factor in inflation or even compound interest.  If these figures aren’t enough to make you think twice, perhaps the long-term health problems associated with smoking will. As well as the countless cancers it can cause (lung cancer being the most common), smoking can also lead to numerous other serious medical issues – which you already know.

    The problem is that even the above statistics are often not enough for people to quit smoking because their smoking habit has developed over many years. Much as they may want to quit cigarettes, they simply can’t imagine life without them.

    How Stop Smoking Hypnosis can help you

    After booking your smoking hypnotherapy appointment, we ask you to do some preparatory work before seeing you. This is very important because this information helps us tailor your session for you. Additionally, at an unconscious level, it’s a commitment to yourself that you really do want to stop smoking.

    This work consists of answering some questions about your smoking habit, along with any relevant history, thoughts and beliefs that you may have. You’ll also keep a log for a few days that tracks when you smoke, who you’re with and about how you feel when you smoke each cigarette.

    Then, when we meet online or in person, we go through your answers and using clinical hypnotherapy and NLP, we can begin to help you ‘unlearn’ your habit.

    Here’s how we tackle all aspects of your habit head-on. We’ll:

    • Help you to overcome compulsions and cravings.
    • Teach you how to manage those emotional triggers.
    • Deal with all of those circumstances that prompt you to smoke or vape – both now or in the future.
    • Change that internal voice that gives you permission to smoke.

    We may need to resolve any internal conflicts you may have, such as ‘part of me likes smoking/part of me hates it’. Plus we can deal with any underlying beliefs you may have about either your ability to stop, or beliefs you may have such as smoking relaxes you.

    From there you’ll experience very relaxing and powerful clinical hypnosis to help you make the change.

    And it really is possible. Imagine a world without cigarette smoke. Without feeling like you were damaging your body in unimaginable ways. And think of the potential savings! With smoking hypnosis, your lifelong habit could be just a few hours away from being broken.

    I look forward to helping you to try and become a non-smoker.

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    Dame Kelly Holmes

    I give my experience of hypnotherapy with James 10/10 *
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    Why choose me as your hypnotherapist

    I became a hypnotherapist because of a life-changing hypnotherapy session of my own in 2006. This helped me to re-find myself and discover new hope.

    So, whatever you’re feeling now, I’ve been in a similar place.


    I am an expert at using hypnotherapy to help people quit smoking and have completed more than 5,000 sessions of hypnotherapy. This means that you will be in safe and capable hands.


    I only work with clients that I believe I can help, want to help and have a good chemistry with. This is incredibly important, as it means your therapy is more likely to be effective.


    Most clients need just two sessions to see a significant improvement. This is quicker than virtually any other therapist.


    I am one of the UK’s most reviewed therapists. More than 90% of clients give me a 5-star review. You can read here what clients say about me.


    Before I saw my very first client, a decade ago, I had completed more than 1,000 hours of training. Unfortunately, anyone can call themselves a therapist without any training. Do not put your mental health in the hands of amateurs.

    Fix My Mind


    Hi, my names Rio. A few months ago I was a smoker, I’d have told you I wasn’t but I was a social smoker.

    I couldn’t have one drink without wanting a cigarette. Was simply fed up of that habit which had been going on 8 years. I found James online and I couldn’t be happier with the experience- just simple changes James helped me see. It was honestly an incredible session that has stopped me from smoking not only that made me realise I want better for my health over all.

    Highly recommend James

    Thankyou so much !!!*

    Rio Fredrika - January 6th 2022
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    What happens during a session of hypnotherapy for smoking?

    Before your actual session, you’ll fill in a detailed questionnaire that will help me understand your history and patterns of smoking. This allows me to tailor your treatment plan and ensures that the time you spend with me is used as effectively as possible.

    Over the course of your 90-minute session, you will feel calm and in control, and I’ll use a combination of the most effective modern and classic hypnotherapeutic tools and techniques.

    How to book your hypnotherapy session

    Hopefully, you now feel reassured about the hypnotherapy process – and feel ready to take the next step to become a non-smoker. Remember that in most cases, you’ll need only a single session or a couple of sessions.

    Each of these will be 90-minutes long. This means we achieve so much more than you can in the traditional 50-minute ‘therapy hour’ that most therapists provide.

    A special offer from my hypnotherapy practice TO YOU

    As part of my ‘Cost of Living Crisis’ promotion, I’m reducing my fees by 10% to only £390 + VAT for your stopping smoking session.  I have very limited availability and if you’d like to know more about how I may be able to help you, then do get in touch now.

    I will put 100% effort into working with you and the techniques that I use are very powerful. As with all therapy types, success varies from client to client and there can be no guarantees. In fact, I’d recommend running a mile from a hypnotherapist who says they offer a guarantee.

    Hypnotherapy in London, Winchester – or in the comfort of your own home

    If you’d like to start your journey towards quitting smoking then just call freephone 0800 122 3073. Or please fill out the form below to arrange an appointment. You’ll also get your free one-hour download to help you relax.

    Here’s to you being an ex-smoker.

    Free Consultation - Value £50

    Arrange your free consultation to see how Hypnotherapy can help you, and get a free ‘Accelerated Relaxation Programme’ worth £17.99