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    Imagine how much better life will be when you truly overcome your phobia

    Hello, I’m James Mallinson and I’ve used Clinical Hypnotherapy to help thousands of people with their phobias – both online and face to face in London and Winchester.
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    • James has a very honest yet approachable style and knows how to put you at ease. From the onset, James explained that this would not be a quick fix for me and I still have some work to do on myself but he has taught me techniques to help ease my fear which are extremely useful. It has given me a confidence boost which is always a bonus and I have left the sessions feeling very calm with a positive outlook towards the future diminishment of my fear. All in all, it has definitely been worth it and I would recommend for anyone with fears that can cause extreme anxiety. *

    • From unsure and nervous to conquering a phobia I've let control aspects of my life for the past forty years - in a matter of minutes! Still can’t quite believe it, I feel a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. James is friendly, approachable and in my humble opinion, a genius! Thank you *

    • James helped me with my horse riding anxiety after a bad fall. I really appreciated his open, forthright approach. I have had an excellent result. I have just returned from a week of horse riding abroad and can honestly say that ‘horse behaviour’ that would have terrified me beforehand (e.g., horse refusing to walk forward and backing up close to a cliff edge) I was able to deal with in a cool, confident way that I know I am capable of. I feel that James really put the effort into the session and as a result has helped me enormously. *

    Fix My Mind

    Hypnotherapy for Phobias in London, Online and in Hampshire

    James Mallinson — Co-Founder Fix My Mind

    Are you missing out on the life you want to live because of a phobia of some kind?

    You’re not alone: around 10 per cent of people have a phobia, and for many, the severe anxiety it brings is not something that is easily brushed off.

    The good news is that clinical hypnotherapy can really help to treat phobias – and quickly, too. In fact, hypnotherapy is one of the most effective ways of dealing with a phobia – whether that’s a fear of flying, enclosed spaces or spiders.

    Or maybe it’s a social phobia, a fear of heights or one of the many other phobias that hold people back.

    Whatever your phobia, hypnotherapy is a powerful, proven way to deal with it. For most people, just one session is enough.

    Using hypnotherapy to help people with phobias

    I have used phobias hypnotherapy to help hundreds of people to conquer their fears, and can confidently state that phobias can usually be treated.

    After successful treatment, the physical symptoms associated with phobias – such as shortness of breath and heart palpitations – cease or are greatly reduced. Clients feel that their extreme fear of whatever was affecting them has been neutralised.

    They feel better able to live the kind of life they’ve always wanted to live.

    Whatever the severity of a client’s specific phobias, I use the latest clinical hypnotherapy for phobia methods and tools to get to the root of the problem and help change your response to the fear.

    The transformation is often life-changing, as the comments in my testimonials illustrate. Treatment is quick and effective – it really isn’t a long and drawn-out process, unlike CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy), exposure therapy and other methods.

    Online hypnotherapy for phobias, or in-person sessions

    Hypnotherapy sessions can take place in person at my offices in London and Winchester (Hampshire), or I also offer online hypnotherapy in your own home. The results are exactly the same.

    If you want to tackle your phobia once and for all, I offer a risk-free consultation with all new clients so that you can get an idea of what your first session will entail.

    There’s no charge for this 20-minute phone call, and I’ll also send you a free one-hour download called The Accelerated Relaxation Programme, which I used to sell for £17.99.

    I look forward to helping you overcome your phobia.

    Free Consultation - Value £50

    Arrange your free consultation to see how Hypnotherapy can help you, and get a free ‘Accelerated Relaxation Programme’ worth £17.99

    What is a phobia – and what causes it?

    A phobia is an unconsciously learned response to a stimulus – be that dogs, flying, crowds or something else. It is usually the result of something you’ve experienced in the past – even though you may not remember it.

    If you’re not sure if you have a phobia or not, here are some examples that suggest you probably do:

    • You don’t confined or unfamiliar spaces or don’t like going outside – or it takes you a long time to mentally prepare for leaving the house.
    • You avoid social situations because they make you feel stressed, uncomfortable or worthless. Maybe they dent your self-esteem or make you feel like you’re going to have a panic attack.
    • You become very uneasy in the presence of dogs, possibly feeling like they are going to bite you. This may seem like an irrational fear – especially if you’ve never been attacked.
    • The sight – or even the suggestion of – a spider, snake or mouse makes you jump out of the way and sends your heart racing.
    • You avoid flying, or will only get on a plane if you’ve had a few drinks or taken anxiety medication.

    Common phobias – and uncommon ones

    As well as the more common phobias listed above, there are countless other phobias relating to everything from water and noise to crowds or even vomit.

    Phobias are involuntary reactions to something that has troubled you in the past – and they can be ironed out quickly and effectively with clinical hypnosis – usually in just one or two sessions.

    Being free of your phobia once and for all so that everyday life becomes much easier is priceless.

    How we treat phobias using hypnotherapy

    When I help people with a profound fear of something, my goal as a hypnotherapist is to help the brain to ‘re-learn’ its response to the triggers that are associated with the phobia.

    In times of stress, your mind is only trying to help you – but in fact it is making life difficult, because it is over-reacting and making things worse. The phobic response is flooding your mind with negative thoughts and making you anxious.

    Targeting the root cause of the phobic response

    During hypnotherapy for phobias, we target the part of the brain that deals with the stress response and equip it with an alternative, more positive way to deal with trigger events.

    The aim is to neutralise whatever your fears and triggers are so that you are able to face your phobia in a calmer, more confident way – and without the phobic reaction/physical response (severe anxiety, sweaty palms, feelings of sheer terror, shortness of breath etc.) that you experienced before.

    I will also give you a set of powerful mental tools and techniques that you can use to ‘dial down’ fear and reduce anxiety if you find yourself in a difficult situation in the future.

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    Dame Kelly Holmes

    I give my experience of hypnotherapy with James 10/10 *
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    Why choose me as your hypnotherapist

    I became a hypnotherapist because of a life-changing hypnotherapy session of my own in 2006. This helped me to re-find myself and discover new hope.

    So, whatever you’re feeling now, I’ve been in a similar place.


    I am an expert at dealing with phobias and have completed more than 5,000 sessions of hypnotherapy.


    I only work with clients that I believe I can help, want to help and have a good chemistry with.


    Most clients need just one hypnosis session or, in some cases, two, to see a significant improvement. This is quicker than virtually any other therapist.


    I am one of the UK’s most reviewed therapists. More than 90% of clients give me a 5-star review.


    Before I saw my very first client, a decade ago, I had completed more than 1,000 hours of training. Unfortunately, anyone can call themselves a therapist without any training. Do not put your mental health in the hands of amateurs.

    Fix My Mind


    I would highly recommend James for hypnotherapy, I have overcome a phobia that I have been living with for years.

    My phobia was veins and blood tests, not needles or blood so it was quite specific and my concerns were that no form of therapy could help my strange, fairly unique phobia. I found James online and spoke to him over the phone for a quick consultation, he was very professional and easy to talk to.

    I had the hypnotherapy a few weeks ago now and I’m still in awe at what James managed to do. It only took one session over Zoom! I could instantly feel a change in my mindset about the fear and I’ve since had a blood test! I cannot thank James enough, If you’re considering hypnotherapy – go to James, he is amazing!! 

    From Chloe Wambeek on March 8, 2022
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    What happens during a hypnotherapy session for phobias?

    The first thing we’ll do is have a complimentary exploratory phone call, lasting up to 20 minutes.

    Before your actual session, you’ll fill in a detailed questionnaire that will help me understand your history and patterns pertaining to your phobia. This allows me to tailor your treatment plan.

    Over the course of your 90-minute session, you will feel calm and in control, and I’ll use a combination of the most effective modern and classic hypnotherapeutic tools and techniques.

    How to book your hypnotherapy session

    Hopefully, you now feel reassured about the hypnotherapy process – and feel ready to take the next step to become more like the person you want to be.

    Each session will be 90-minutes long. This means we achieve so much more than you can in the traditional 50-minute ‘therapy hour’ that most therapists provide. For many clients, online hypnotherapy sessions are the quickest and easiest way to address a specific problem and to get the treatment they need.

    A special offer from my hypnotherapy practice to you

    As part of my ‘Cost of Living Crisis’ promotion, I’m reducing my fees by 10% to only £290 + VAT per session.  I have very limited availability and if you’d like to know more about how I may be able to help you, then do get in touch now.

    I will put 100% effort into working with you and the techniques that I use are very powerful. As with all therapy types, success varies from client to client and there can be no guarantees. In fact, I’d recommend running a mile from a hypnotherapist who says they offer a guarantee.

    Hypnotherapy in London, Winchester – or in the comfort of your own home

    If you’d like to start your journey towards a new you then just call freephone 0800 122 3073. Or please fill out the form below to arrange an appointment. You’ll also get your free one-hour download to help you relax.

    Here’s to you being able to deal with your phobia.

    Free Consultation - Value £50

    Arrange your free consultation to see how Hypnotherapy can help you, and get a free ‘Accelerated Relaxation Programme’ worth £17.99