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    Imagine your life when you finally get control of your anxiety

    Hello, I'm James Mallinson, and I've used Clinical Hypnotherapy to treat thousands of people for anxiety both online and face to face in London and Winchester
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    • James has a very honest yet approachable style and knows how to put you at ease. From the onset, James explained that this would not be a quick fix for me and I still have some work to do on myself but he has taught me techniques to help ease my fear which are extremely useful. It has given me a confidence boost which is always a bonus and I have left the sessions feeling very calm with a positive outlook towards the future diminishment of my fear. All in all, it has definitely been worth it and I would recommend for anyone with fears that can cause extreme anxiety. *

    • From unsure and nervous to conquering a phobia I've let control aspects of my life for the past forty years - in a matter of minutes! Still can’t quite believe it, I feel a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. James is friendly, approachable and in my humble opinion, a genius! Thank you *

    • James helped me with my horse riding anxiety after a bad fall. I really appreciated his open, forthright approach. I have had an excellent result. I have just returned from a week of horse riding abroad and can honestly say that ‘horse behaviour’ that would have terrified me beforehand (e.g., horse refusing to walk forward and backing up close to a cliff edge) I was able to deal with in a cool, confident way that I know I am capable of. I feel that James really put the effort into the session and as a result has helped me enormously. *

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    Hypnotherapy for Anxiety in London, Online & Hampshire

    Had enough of being anxious and want to try something different that works and works fast?

    Maybe you’ve even tried some therapy, such as CBT, but it hasn’t been the solution you were looking for?

    Or perhaps you’ve been trying to convince yourself that you can handle your anxiety, and with effort it will get better?

    Anxiety doesn’t just spontaneously change. And unless you do something about it, it’s highly likely you’ll stay the same as you are now. If I could give you some reassurance though, it’s that you can do something about your anxiety, it can be done quickly, and hypnotherapy may well be able to help you.

    Hypnotherapy can help with generalised anxiety, also known as GAD, and also with specific anxieties such as a fear of public speaking. It can also help people who are struggling with the most extreme forms of anxiety, like panic attacks and phobias.

    Over the past decade, I have provided safe, effective hypnotherapy to thousands of people and gained over 100 five-star reviews in the process.

    Clinical hypnotherapy can help you overcome your fears, your worries, and it can stop you catastrophising and playing out worst-case scenarios in your head.

    And it’s quick, too. Most of my clients need just two sessions – either online or face-to-face. The results are exactly the same whether you choose in-person or online hypnotherapy sessions.

    To start tackling your anxiety, booking a session with me couldn’t be easier – just drop me a line using the contact form. I offer a free initial consultation so that you can decide if hypnotherapy is right for you, plus I’ll also send you a free one-hour download called The Anxiety Relaxation Programme that I used to sell for £17.99.

    I look forward to helping you be calmer.


    Free Consultation - Value £50

    Arrange your free consultation to see how Hypnotherapy can help you, and get a free ‘Accelerated Relaxation Programme’ worth £17.99

    About anxiety

    If you’re not 100% sure that what you’re feeling is anxiety, look at the following list of symptoms:

    Emotional anxiety symptoms Physical anxiety symptoms
    Nervous, jittery & on-edge Rapid heartbeat
    Difficulty thinking straight & concentrating Sweating
    On-edge, worried or threatened Trembling
    Feelings of impending danger or panic Hyperventilating (breathing heavily)
    Negative internal self-talk Headaches, muscle pains and digestive issues
    Creating horror movies – catastrophising Panic attacks

    Covid has also made anxiety even worse, with reports showing that it is now at record levels.

    The good news is that hypnotherapy is a fast, effective solution. It can help you to feel calmer, and more in control.

    It works by helping you to stabilise and ‘dial down’ your anxiety – and, as a result, lets you do things that you’ve be avoiding or have been struggling with. I can say this with confidence, because for years I’ve successfully help people to overcome their anxiety in private, one-to-one sessions every week.

    How can hypnotherapy help you overcome anxiety?

    Anxiety is regulated by a part of your brain called the amygdala. It reacts to events that it rightly or wrongly perceives to be threatening. And, as I am sure you realise, you can’t simply turn this response off just by thinking about it or applying logic to it. This is because logic is regulated by a different part of the brain.

    Even if the logical side of your brain is telling you that you are OK, and that you should simply ignore or ‘push through’, your amygdala still makes you feel anxious.

    When anxiety strikes, a reaction called the amygdala hijack automatically and unconsciously takes over.

    When this happens, your ‘fight, flight or freeze’ response is instantly activated. The amygdala uses past memories and associations to determine whether or not you should response in the most primal way possible – namely to attack, run away, or make yourself as small and invisible as possible.

    Unfortunately, however, this reaction is often completely disproportionate to the ‘threat’ at hand.

    The hypnotherapy techniques that I use target the amygdala directly. They can be brilliantly effective at changing your unconscious response to things – helping you to feel calm and in control.

    During hypnotherapy for anxiety, the events that currently trigger your anxiety are neutralised. They lose their emotional power to impact you.

    Because of this, you stop reacting in the way that you once did to the trigger event(s), meaning you feel calmer and more in control.

    I will also give you some tools that can help you to dial down how you feel on an ongoing basis. We’ll enable you to change what you’re saying to yourself in your head, too, and also to change how you’re feeling.

    It all adds up to you feeling calmer, better able to cope with things, and confident that you’ll know what to do if you find your anxiety levels rising in the future.


    Don't just take my word for it...

    • I cannot recommend hypnotherapy with James highly enough. I went with acute anxiety & found it to be extremely effective, essentially eliminating my anxiety and enabling me to perform at my best straight away. Due to this amazing success, James refunded my second session, which shows great integrity on his part. I have never seen or experienced therapy as rapidly effective as James's, and I would not hesitate to revisit James if I ever felt that I needed help again in the future. Thank you, James! *

    • I cannot thank you enough for how you have quite honestly changed my life. I was cynical beforehand. I’m less anxious, more happy, confident and generally at ease. My family noticed an instant difference in my demeanour. I was at my wits' end before I saw you, and the investment was a huge one for me. I would absolutely do it again in a heartbeat, and would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone who struggles with anxiety. *

    • There is a reason James Mallinson is consistently ranked in the top 3 hypnotists in London - and that is because he is absolutely top tier. I had 3 sessions with James and have come out the other side, almost like a different person to the one I was before starting with him. After 20 or so years or panic attacks, 5 months later I’ve had precisely 0. Thank you, James! *

    Why choose me as your hypnotherapist?

    I became a hypnotherapist because of a life-changing hypnotherapy session of my own in 2006. This helped me to re-find myself and discover new hope.

    So, whatever you’re feeling now, I’ve been in a similar place.


    I am an expert at dealing with anxiety and have completed more than 4,000 sessions of hypnotherapy. This means that you will be in safe and capable hands.


    Before I saw my very first client, a decade ago, I had completed more than 1,000 hours of training. Unfortunately, anyone can call themselves a therapist without any training. Do not put your mental health in the hands of amateurs.


    I am one of the UK’s most reviewed therapists. More than 90% of clients give me a 5-star review. You can read here what clients say about me.


    Most clients need just two sessions to see a significant improvement. This is quicker than virtually any other therapist.


    I only work with clients that I believe I can help, want to help and have a good chemistry with. This is incredibly important, as it means your therapy is more likely to be effective.


    You’ll leave your sessions with a range of techniques that will allow you to stay calm and feel in control.

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    Dame Kelly Holmes

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    What happens during a hypnotherapy session?

    The first thing we’ll do is have a complimentary exploratory phone call, lasting up to 20 minutes. During this, you’ll have chance to talk to me about what’s going on, for me to answer your questions and make sure we’re a good fit.

    Before your actual session, you’ll fill in a detailed questionnaire that will help me understand your history and patterns of anxiety. This allows me to tailor your treatment plan and ensures that the time you spend in the session itself is used as effectively as possible.

    Over the course of your 90-minute session, you will feel calm and in control. I’ll use a combination of the most effective modern and classic hypnotherapeutic tools and techniques, each of which follows three clear steps:


    We’ll work on neutralising the memories and experiences that have triggered your anxiety. You will still remember whatever triggered your anxiety – but those experiences will no longer emotionally affect you.


    Next, I’ll help you stabilise your emotions. Using a combination of tailored clinical hypnotherapy and groundbreaking new techniques, such as Havening, I will quickly help you to deal with the feelings you have. You will be able to use this on an ongoing basis.


    Finally, we’ll change how you feel and respond when you find yourself in (or before) a situation or event that once triggered your anxiety. That might mean making your internal talk more resilient, or learning how to change the negative visualisations you may put in your head.

    How to book your hypnotherapy session for anxiety

    Hopefully you now feel ready to take the next step to being calmer.   Most clients need only a couple of sessions to be better.

    Each session will be 90 minutes long.  This means we achieve so much more than you can in the traditional 50-minute therapy hour that most therapists provide.  As part of my ‘Covid recovery’ promotion, I’m reducing that by 10% to only £290 + VAT per session.  Genuinely, I have very limited availability and if you’d like to know more about how I may be able to help you, then do get in touch now.

    I will put 100% effort in working with you and the techniques that used are very powerful. Success, as with all therapy types varies from client to client and there can be no guarantee of success. In fact, we’d recommend running a mile from people providing guarantees.

    Please note that I only have limited availability in any given month. If you’d like to know how I might be able to help you, everything begins with my free 20-minute consultation. If you’d like to start your own journey towards a calmer you, then just call freephone 0800 122 3073 or fill out the form below. You’ll also get your free one-hour download to help you relax.

    Here’s to you being calmer!

    Free Consultation - Value £50

    Arrange your free consultation to see how Hypnotherapy can help you, and get a free ‘Accelerated Relaxation Programme’ worth £17.99