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    How much better would life be if you could finally overcome your insomnia?

    Hello, I’m James Mallinson & I’ve used Clinical Hypnotherapy to help thousands both online & face to face in London & Winchester
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    • James has a very honest yet approachable style and knows how to put you at ease. From the onset, James explained that this would not be a quick fix for me and I still have some work to do on myself but he has taught me techniques to help ease my fear which are extremely useful. It has given me a confidence boost which is always a bonus and I have left the sessions feeling very calm with a positive outlook towards the future diminishment of my fear. All in all, it has definitely been worth it and I would recommend for anyone with fears that can cause extreme anxiety. *

    • From unsure and nervous to conquering a phobia I've let control aspects of my life for the past forty years - in a matter of minutes! Still can’t quite believe it, I feel a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. James is friendly, approachable and in my humble opinion, a genius! Thank you *

    • James helped me with my horse riding anxiety after a bad fall. I really appreciated his open, forthright approach. I have had an excellent result. I have just returned from a week of horse riding abroad and can honestly say that ‘horse behaviour’ that would have terrified me beforehand (e.g., horse refusing to walk forward and backing up close to a cliff edge) I was able to deal with in a cool, confident way that I know I am capable of. I feel that James really put the effort into the session and as a result has helped me enormously. *

    Fix My Mind

    Hypnotherapy for Insomnia in London

    James Mallinson — Co-Founder Fix My Mind

    Fix My Mind provides rapidly effective, premium and personalised Clinical Hypnotherapy and NLP to people in London and Hampshire.  With over 25 years’ experience helping clients sleep better and longer, you will be in incredibly safe and capable hands.

    Not sleeping well is as you know extremely unpleasant, be that the impact it has on you physically and/or mentally.  Plus there’s the effect that a lack of sleep can have on the others around you, be that at home or work.

    We hope this page answers some of your questions. And If you’ve one you’d like us to answer and want to know more about how we can help stop your insomnia, we offer all clients a free 20 minute complimentary consultation. Call freephone 0800 122 3073 or, fill in the quick contact form. If you do, you get our free 1hr download called the ‘Accelerated Relaxation Programme’, valued at £19.99.

    Free Consultation - Value £50

    Arrange your free consultation to see how Hypnotherapy can help you, and get a free ‘Accelerated Relaxation Programme’ worth £17.99

    Why choose Clinical Hypnotherapy and NLP for helping with insomnia

    Most of are born naturally good sleepers; you only have to look at young children to know that.  But either an event, sequence of events and/or lifestyle choices can seriously impact our ability to sleep.  Insomnia doesn’t just spontaneously occur without reason.  We are able to help you breakthrough those events.

    With over 25 years of experience, we’re used to working with clients to help their insomnia.* Our team is qualified to the highest levels. In fact our co-founder David Shephard is both a President of two boards of Hypnotherapy.  You are in safe and capable hands.

    Hypnosis can work to help physically and mentally relax you very deeply level.  This can mean that your body and mind are better prepared to fall into a deep sleep when you go to bed.  Effectively, we can help turn your sleep switch back on.  Right now it’s probably either off or is turned down very low. We will work together to give you new techniques and new positive routines.  Doing these before going to bed can help you sleep.*

    Willpower is a great thing for many situations, but for helping you to get to sleep it’s much less so.  Just ask yourself how many times have you willed yourself to sleep when tossing and turning? When you’re in bed trying to sleep, you think about not sleeping.   This keeps us awake and so a cycle begins. Using NLP and hypnotherapy for insomnia, it’s possible to break that cycle*.

    Being anxious about not sleeping, as you know, makes the problem worse.  NLP and hypnotherapy work to help minimise anxiety. The psychological law of ‘reciprocal inhibition’ shows that if you are calm and relaxed, you can’t be anxious. Being calm is the bedrock of a good night’s sleep.*

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    What happens?

    Before your appointment, you’ll complete some pre-session work and keep a detailed sleep diary. The information here is vital as it will give us a lot of details so that we can tailor your session specifically for you. A sample of some of the things we do in the session includes:

    Exploring your current sleep hygiene, like your routines and caffeine consumption. Your sleep diary will tell us the time you go to bed, how long you slept for and more.

    Explore any issues that may have occurred in your life that triggered a bout of insomnia, such as a redundancy or anxiety.

    Work on any beliefs you may have about your ability to sleep and replace any internal negative-self talk with a positive opposite*.

    You will experience mentally and physically relaxing Clinical Hypnotherapy.  This can effectively reboot your master sleep programme.  We’ll also show you how to use ‘self-hypnosis’, which is a very powerful technique that when regularly used can help clients become relaxed.

    What next?

    Remember, good sleep is a habit and skill that is totally possible for you to relearn*.

    We’re used to working with clients with insomnia and it’s possible to get results quickly and safely.  We will put 100% effort in working with you and the techniques that we use are very powerful.  Success, as with all therapy types varies from client to client and there can be no guarantee of success. In fact, we’d recommend running a mile from people providing guarantees.

    Your session will be 90 minutes long.  This means that we can often achieve so much more than you can in the traditional 50-minute therapy hour that most therapists provide.  Our normal fee is £320. And as part of our ‘Step into Spring promotion, we are reducing this by 10% to £290.

    To book a free 20 minute consultation to discover how you can boost your confidence, then call us on 0800 122 3073. Or you can use the quick contact form attached and get your free Accelerated Relaxation Programme download valued at £19.99.

    Free Consultation - Value £50

    Arrange your free consultation to see how Hypnotherapy can help you, and get a free ‘Accelerated Relaxation Programme’ worth £17.99

    Fix My Mind

    Our philosophy

    We have created a unique approach to hypnotherapy that we use in every single session. This approach helps get better results. During your session, we’ll go through three stages - Events, Emotions and Outcomes:

    Fix My Mind


    After many, many years of poor sleep I am delighted to say my sleep has improved immeasurably *

    David Brooks - March 27th 2020
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