Free Consultation - Value £50

Accelerated Relaxation Programme CD
  • 2hr download value - £17.99
  • 20 minute consultation
  • 10% discount on all treatments


    FREE consultation - value £50

    Arrange your free consultation to see how Hypnotherapy can help you and get a free ‘Accelerated Relaxation Programme’ (RRP £17.99)

    Accelerated Relaxation Programme CD
    • 2hr download value - £17.99
    • 20 minute consultation
    • 10% discount on all treatments

    Fix My Mind

    Our philosophy

    Here at Fix My Mind, we provide rapidly effective, premium & personalised Clinical Hypnotherapy & NLP to people in London and Hampshire.  The team has over 25 years experience helping clients be more of who they want to be.

    We thought you might want to know what a few clients have said about their experience of working with us, that will give you the confidence that we are skilled and safe practitioners.

    These are 100% genuine testimonials.*

    If having read this, you’d like to know more about how we can help you, we offer all clients a free 20-minute complimentary consultation. Call on freephone 0800 122 3073, or fill in the quick contact form. If you do, you get a free 2hr download called the ‘Accelerated Relaxation Programme’, valued at £19.99.

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    Dame Kelly Holmes

    I give my experience of hypnotherapy with James 10/10 *
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    I left feeling calm *

    I found James through a recommendation and was looking for help with ongoing anxiety trouble and more recently, intermittent panic attacks. I went into the session with a little cynicism, a decent amount of worry about whether it would help or not and a lot of hope…and left the session feeling calm and very confident that my panic attacks would not return and that I now had a few new tricks up my sleeve to help manage the anxiety as and when I need to. Since the session I have felt fine. It feels very good to have done something proactively about the tough time I was having…already talking about it as if it’s in the past! *

    From Josh Robinson on December 12, 2019

    I feel free *

    My experience with James was life changing. Since I started hypnotherapy, I have felt a deep shift in my emotional and mental state, I feel free and happy ready to start a new chapter of my life. Thank you! Emily *

    From Emily May on December 9, 2019

    The best decision *

    In a matter of 2 meeting with James, he transformed my life in a way I’d never be able to thank him enough for. It was the best decision to meet with James and get him to quite literally fix my mind, overcoming fears which were holding me back in life and work – the transformation in me was astonishing. James is incredibly warm and approachable and completely put me at ease. The 2 sessions I had were so worth it and what else can I say other than thank you, thank you thank you!! 🙂 *

    From Farrah Quereshi on October 11, 2019

    The two sessions left me feeling buoyed *

    The hypnosis was incredibly relaxing.  I hear everything and my body felt heavy.  When the [public speaking] events arrived I felt nervous but not unreasonably so .  I felt convinced the hypnosis had worked.  I also left James’ office armed with coping strategies. *

    From Nikki Osman on September 24, 2019

    Working with James has given me a real boost *

    I absolutely loved my session with James. I was completely astonished at the positive impact of his methods. I have confidence in situations that had previously made me paralysed with anxiety. In high pressure pitch meetings my head is now clear and I can project my positive and open self where before my head was a confusion of negative, critical thoughts and my body language was tense and closed. Working with James has given me a real boost in my career confidence.  Thank you! *

    From Liv Trench on August 8, 2019

    Thank you *

    After one simple, pleasant session I am finally free from smoking after 32 years. Thank you James *

    From Shona Bent on July 2, 2019

    Trust me, James can help *

    I can say this with a smile on my face, peace in my mind and love in my heart, that this was truly an experience i will never forget and one i will treasure forever.

    James, thank you for being kind, understanding and firm when you needed to be. You have great spirit and intellect, which resonate and will forever be binding.

    What i have come to learn from our chats/meetings/discussions, has helped me more than you can imagine. As a “man” it was easy for me to ignore this and do nothing, but i made the decision to change my life and our future. For me, my wife and family. If you feel remotely the same, no matter how bad things are, trust me, James can help.

    Thanks to my friend who recommended you. Thanks to my wife who always believed in us and kept reminding me to call you 🙂

    James, I guess all i want to say is, thank you for saving my life.

    You’re the man. *

    From Kas Jarrah on June 19, 2019

    I found the techniques much faster than anything I was expecting *

    Thank you James – a calm, serene therapist who is also a magician!

    I didn’t know what to expect from my session with James, but it was wonderful.

    I have been ‘troubled’ with baggage since my early childhood which has stopped me from being able to do some everyday things, but, after talking to him I felt more confident about being in control of my life.

    I found the Havening & Kinetic shift techniques much faster than I anything I was expecting, and this has ultimately given me the tools for my future which I will use in numerous situations for the rest of my life.

    If you are in any doubt about talking to James then don’t be, his approach is warm, caring and genuine, and I am truly grateful to him.

    Thank you James, you have fixed my mind *

    From Samantha Neighbour on May 31, 2019

    James helped in his calm & measured way *

    I can highly recommend James Mallinson. I recently sought his help and can honestly say he has changed my life for the better. Around 20 years ago I went through a harrowing experience which I thought I had eventually got over. I sought James’s help as I had found myself becoming increasingly anxious and feeling overwhelmed with life. I thought it was due to recent Ill health and subsequent treatments/ therapies I had to endure.

    However, within 10 minutes of speaking candidly with James – the penny dropped and it became clear that my problems stemmed from my traumatic past. James proceeded to help me in his very calm measured way. He taught me various ways to calm myself and it really is no exaggeration to say I left his office a new woman. I have since felt more like my old self and continue to feel calm and at peace.

    I only wish I had sought his help 20 years ago. *

    From Georgina Heneghan on May 15, 2019

    I have become a new person since seeing James *

    Over the last few years I had been going through a difficult patch and was struggling to cope so a friend recommended James to me, I was unsure about hypnotherapy to start with but I have to say this is the best thing i have done for myself and I would not hesitate to recommend James to anyone I know. James is very knowledgeable and highly skilled. From the first point of contact with James I knew he understood me and wanted to help me over come my issues, he was the first person who truly listened to what was troubling me. James has helped me to change my life around and deal with the issues that destroyed me for so long. He is professional, compassionate and most importantly he listens and wants to help you overcome anything that is holding you back. The support during and after is fantastic. I have become a new person since seeing James he has helped me to get my life and happiness back. I wish i had found him along time ago. *

    From Melissa Lucas on April 22, 2019

    It's clear why James is a leader in his field *

    James led two workshops within our business (DAS UK) and did a great job. He broke down barriers with his very open and friendly approach which got everyone in the room comfortable very quickly, making the most of the time available. He taught us some really powerful techniques for dealing with anxiety and silencing ‘the inner critic’ and there was an immediate result for lots of us. It’s clear why James is a leader in his field *

    From Ali Whitcombe on March 12, 2019

    I cannot recommend him highly enough *

    My work with James has completely changed the way I view myself and my business and I am excited for what the future holds, something that often left me apprehensive in the past. He is kind and professional and holds the space in his sessions brilliantly. I cannot recommend him highly enough! *

    From Christina Brauer on March 2, 2019

    He is likely to sort your problem in record time *

    James is one of the best therapists I know. There was a particular issue concerning me recently and he was the only person I trusted to help sort it thoroughly. I’m a hypnotherapist myself and go to James when I want some help, which I hope puts into context how highly I rate him. He’s professional and compassionate with his clients. More importantly, he is very likely to sort your problem in record time, as he’s highly skilled and knowledgeable. Go see him! *

    From Diane Beck on February 22, 2019

    I felt great, handling the situation with ease *

    James is amazing. He totally changed the way I think about my issue. As soon as I left I tried to focus on the things that scare me and I couldn’t feel scared. Shortly after the session I found myself in the situation that would previously have left me totally frozen and I felt great, handling the situation with ease. I am amazed by the results and so grateful. If you are considering seeing James I would highly recommend just doing it. *

    From Thea Cumming on February 19, 2019

    This is a game changer for my job & my life *

    This review will take me apx 2 mins to write, James Mallinson took apx 60 mins to fix my mind something I had struggled and suffered with for over 30 years! That’s a lot of minutes!! I only wish I had taken that step I took 2 weeks ago, sooner. I had been afraid to take a lift for over 30 years, I had avoided them at all costs, I even missed a flight because I took the stairs at in JFK! I recently had to have an MRI, the panic I felt during that time was very intense and I called James from the hospital car park, asking for help. James, was from the start was kind, sincere and listened to me, more importantly he was quite sure he could help me, something at that time of our conversation, I wasn’t convinced about – silly me!

    Fast forward the following week and I am in James’ office and we begin our session which lasted about 60 mins, we talked about the lift, the fear, when it began and identified the time, my fear was a 10 in terms of even thinking of getting into a lift and now as a I write this, I couldn’t care less about lifts! I have used 5 today!! This is a game changer for my job & also for my life as a mother as I don’t want my son having any anxiety caused by my irrational fear. James showed me exercises which calmed my mind and in fact these exercises can be used in so many situations. I felt very comfortable and I didn’t feel silly explaining my fear, something which I have always tried to hide from others: ‘I am just going to use the stairs to keep fit!!’ that was my usual excuse!

    We spent money on other people for many reasons, so spend money on YOU and trust me it’s an investment which will not let you down and the return on that investment is priceless. I couldn’t recommend James enough and I have recommend him to so many people already, he is genuinely a game changer, I don’t know how he managed to get me out of that head space but he did and he could help you too, don’t wait any longer, call him and make an apt and be free of this fear that is holding you back. *

    From Joanne Morse on February 18, 2019

    I can't recommend him and his methods highly enough *

    I have had the pleasure of working with James both as a colleague and as a client of his. And it is the latter I want to focus on. I find ideas and theory fascinating. More so when they can help solve real problems that we as humans face.

    James is one of the most intelligent and well read people I know and I thoroughly recommend him based on my personal experience. We all face challenges with the emotions of ourselves and other people and making sense of how these emotions manifest in the relationships that we have.

    Making sense of the things that happen to us and the people around us is increasingly challenging given the velocity of change in technology and the impact on culture and behaviour.

    I have personally used James to help me navigate and manage my own emotional state and I couldn’t recommend him and his methods highly enough. His work with teams is also something that is both impressive and gets results. *

    From Matt Wilson on January 31, 2019

    After only one session I felt reborn *

    I met James in early December this year . I had some anxiety issues for 4 years , I have tried everything but nothing worked . To be honest I was sceptical about hypnotherapy, having never tried it before but James did amazing work . I can’t believe it after only one session I felt reborn . I was feeling myself again . I can’t thank him enough ! Highly recommended. *

    From Alexandra Solomie on December 23, 2018

    It worked and still does many months later *

    I had some hypnotherapy with James earlier this year for a long-standing issue. I only approached hypnosis because a friend had recommended it to me and because the conventional approaches I’d taken just hadn’t worked for me.

    James used a couple of different hypnosis techniques with me and gave me some exercises to do at home. I was pretty nervous about whether hypnotherapy would work with me and was pleasantly surprised that it did and still does some many months later. Thank you. *

    From Alex Russell on December 14, 2018

    If you want to be free, go and see him, this works! *

    James is very clear sighted and direct and goes right to the heart of what needs fixing. I found this a huge relief as I knew well the early life events that were troubling me. But I just couldn’t shift my deep emotional response to them. I really wanted to be free. James focused on that need and in 5 sessions I was free. The events are still there but they don’t control my emotions. It’s a brilliant feeling. If you want to be free, to put the past into a much kinder place, then go and see him. This works. *

    From Deborah Hudson on November 12, 2018

    9 months later and I am still amazed *

    I cannot believe how much James helped me in just one session. Using the Havening technique, I was able to overcome very troubling thoughts that I’d had for years, following a tragic bereavement.

    Having previously experienced 12 sessions of traditional therapy, which had little effect, this was magic. And 9 months later I am still amazed at his ability to cure negative thoughts so quickly.

    I recommend James wholeheartedly. His approach is warm, relaxed and caring. If you are reading this, please don’t hesitate to contact him. *

    From Nicola Chatham on September 12, 2018

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    FREE consultation - value £50

    Arrange your free consultation to see how Hypnotherapy can help you and get a free ‘Accelerated Relaxation Programme’ (RRP £17.99)

    Accelerated Relaxation Programme CD
    • 2hr download value - £17.99
    • 20 minute consultation
    • 10% discount on all treatments