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  • 2hr download value - £17.99
  • 20 minute consultation
  • 10% discount on all treatments
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Fix My Mind

Professional Hypnotherapy in Winchester and Hampshire

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Hello, I offer rapidly effective clinical hypnotherapy to people across Winchester and Hampshire. I use clinical hypnotherapy and other proven techniques to help you either get much more of the life you want, or stop doing the things that you don’t want.

I’ve been featured on BBC Radio 4, Hampshire Life, Reveal Magazine and am a contributor the Huffington Post. I give all of my clients 100% and have over 50 x 5 star reviews*. Indeed Dame Kelly Holmes gave her experience working with me ’10./10’ on a programme we did together.*

If you like what you read, then use the quick contact form above and arrange a free 20-minute consultation and also received a free 1hr download (value £17.99) on me.

Fix My Mind

About Fix My Mind Winchester

Before becoming a hypnotherapist I was possibly in a similar position to you. I had a very senior and well paid corporate at director level in the media industry that I didn’t like and had picked up a stupid (recreational drug) habit.  In short, I had lost my way.

This stopped in one life-changing session of hypnotherapy on June 1st 2006. I knew then that hypnotherapy is what I wanted to do.

During my 1000+ hours of training, I had another life-changing experience where I was able to finally let go of the grief of my mother dying whilst I was a teenager.  I’d tried many therapies over the years, with no success. The only thing that worked was a combination of hypnotherapy and the other treatments I now help people with.

So, I’m a hypnotherapist that’s been in your shoes (or ones like them) and if I can change, so can you – and I’m lucky enough to help hundreds of people every year.

I originally studied at the University of Winchester and loved it so much that I moved back in 2011. I live on Oram’s Arbour with my partner and son. I think it’s important to give back where we can and am happy to give my time to local charity SWVG

You can be assured I only work with clients who I think I can help. This approach and the areas that I focus on, have seen Fix My Mind receive over 50, 5* reviews. We’ve also been featured in the likes of the Daily Mail, through to BBC Radio 4, the Hampshire Chronicle and Hampshire Life. If you want to find out how I can help you, then use the quick contact form below and get a free 20 minute consultation, as well as our free 1hr download that will help you deal with anxiety.

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Dame Kelly Holmes

I give my experience of hypnotherapy with James 10/10 *
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Fix My Mind

Our treatments

Clinical hypnotherapy and the other techniques we use in our Winchester premises can often succeed where all else has failed

These are some of the treatments we offer:

The Anxiety Fix

We use hypnotherapy to help you deal with the issues surrounding your anxiety. Our completely natural approach to dealing with anxiety normally takes just one or two sessions to achieve a positive result.*

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The Smoking Fix

We use hypnotherapy to help you quit smoking and completely remove the need for a cigarette – so you’re no longer fighting the urge and can stop smoking.*

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The Weight Loss Fix

We examine the factors relating to your weight problem, then we use hypnotherapy and other techniques to help you establish a new, more positive relationship with food.*

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The Phobia Fix

Hypnotherapy can give you the power to overcome the deep-set fears that lead to phobia, by addressing the reasons behind the problem.*

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The Insomnia Fix

Hypnotherapy can help insomniacs enjoy a good night’s sleep once again. We will help you by tapping into your subconscious to uncover what has triggered the insomnia in the first place and help you to overcome it.*

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The Panic Attack Fix

Hypnotherapy is an effective method of dealing with panic attacks as it addresses the reasons behind your problem. We use powerful nuerocience based tools such as Havening to help deal with the attacks once and for all.*

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The Confidence Fix

How much more could you achieve in your life with more confidence? Hypnotherapy for confidence can rapidly help you be a more confident version of yourself.

Just 1-2 sessions could help you feel, think and be better. Meaning you can be better, calmer and more confident.*

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The Ultimate Fix

The Ultimate Fix is for you if looking to make deep and powerful long-term change. If you’ve chronic, repetitive problems with your career, health, relationship or family the Ultimate Fix

The Ultimate Fix is our most profound treatment. It’s totally tailored to your needs and over a series of sessions can take you from where you don’t want to be, to where you do want.*

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The above are just some the treatments we provide at our Winchester hypnotherapy clinic. Click the button underneath to see the full list.

Alternatively, you can call to talk about to our Winchester hypnotherapists about a specific problem.

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Fix My Mind

Our philosophy

We have created a unique approach to hypnotherapy that we use in every single session. This approach helps get better results. During your session, we’ll go through three stages - Events, Emotions and Outcomes:

How we help

Our therapies

At Fix My Mind Winchester, we use a variety of therapy types – neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), havening, hypnotherapy and timeline therapy.

A brief description of each one is below:

Fix My Mind


I have always been a nervous drive. After a session, my anxiety disappeared. The next day I even went on an hour-long road trip. *

Suzie, Winchester - September 2017
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FREE consultation - value £50

Arrange your free consultation to see how Hypnotherapy can help you and get a free ‘Accelerated Relaxation Programme’ (RRP £17.99)

Accelerated Relaxation Programme CD
  • 2hr download value - £17.99
  • 20 minute consultation
  • 10% discount on all treatments

Fix My Mind is located in the heart of Winchester and is a 3 minute walk from the iconic Winchester Cathedral. If coming via train, the office in Southgate St is directly opposite the Everyman Cinema.

Via, Wintax or Wessex Cars you can get here in less than 5 minutes from the station. Or, you can park at the Tower St car park, which is 5 minutes away

Southgate Chambers, 37-39 Southgate St, Winchester, SO23 9EH 01962 388255