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    January 7, 2013

    A quick and easy self-hypnosis technique to help you get your new habit!

    To help you get your goal of a new habit, self-hypnosis is a brilliant form of helping you mentally rehearse how to potenailly create a new habit*.  As is well known, many successful athletes use visualisation techniques and they are virtually identical.

    Having used self-hypnosis for many, many years, this is one of the best & easiest techniques, that’ll take less than 5 mins to get right.   So this is a great technique to help you acquire new habits and focus on them.

    Self-hypnosis, helps both relax your body & mind.  And by focusing on your goal, it helps you achieve it through mental rehearsal.

    Just follow these simple steps:

    First, what do you want?  Look at the tips in goal setting in yesterday’s blog.  Then summarise your goal into one simple line e.g. I want to achieve xyz by xyz date

    Imagine that you have two kinds of wires that go into every nerve and fibre of your body.

    One kind controls all of the automatic functions of your body, like your blood pressure & heart rate.

    The other connects to every single voluntary part of your body that you can control e.g. breathing, limbs, muscles and your speed of thought.  So, if you were to massively reduce power in that second bundle, your limbs, breathing and mind would instantly relax.

    Now lift up the index finger of your left hand, and imagine under that index finger is a switch that will turn on or off that entire bundle of voluntary muscles and mental speed.  Right now that light switch is in the ON position.

    Close your eyes & take a very deep breath and hold your breath for approx. 5 seconds.  To relax into self-hypnosis, simply turn off that light switch by slowly dropping your finger.

    As you do, slow your breathing, relax all your muscles and limbs and allow yourself to relax completely, as if all of the power had just been turned down.

    With the power down, focus on your goal.   See yourself successfully doing your new goal.  Hear all the sounds that are important.  And really feel and multiply the positive feelings you will have of you achieving you goal / new habit.

    To get maximum effect, repeat the above in different scenarios & situations and notice how you are different in the future to how you are now.

    Do this for up to 20 minutes daily.

    And when you’re ready to be your usual self, simply tell yourself that’s what you’re going to do.  Take a deep breath in and as you do, lift your finger back up.  By the time you breathe out, notice how you feel completely back to normal and positive.

    Like anything new, the more you do this, the better you become.  And it’s a great technique, so do it.

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    Go for it!

    Free Consultation - Value £50

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