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    January 5, 2013

    6 tips for successfully creating a new habit

    Yesterday, I wrote about the choices you have about creating a new habit.  The first is via willpower.  The second is the potentially faster option with the likes of NLP & hypnotherapy for habit breaking and habit making*.

    What’s interesting about them both is that they both have similar fundamentals and take action to make happen.   One just takes a lot longer!

    It takes longer because all learning is done unconsciously e.g. you don’t consciously think how to drive.  You had to at 1st.  Then one day it became automatic and now you don’t consciously think about it.  That’s unconscious learning and we all do it all of the time.  NLP & hypnotherapy for habit breaking and habit making simply turbo boosts that process.

    Follow these tips and you could find yourself getting what you want.  Like many of us, I was and am inspired by the Olympics.  And one thing’s for sure; can you imagine the likes of Chris Hoy and Jessica Ennis not following these kinds of attitudes to make success happen?  So, if you don’t want to change, don’t read on.  And if you do, go for it and good luck!

    6 tips for success / how to create a new habit:

    • Be bold.   What’s the one thing you want / need that would make the biggest change to your life?  As my partner tell me ‘life’s too short for cheap wine’.  It’s your life and your choice.  And yes, if you want more than one goal, go for it.  You might have more than one and if you do great.  Just don’t overload yourself as you’ve still got a life to lead!
    • Be positive.  State your goal positively e.g. I want to weigh xyz.   The reason for this is because consciously you can’t process a negative.  So, if I were to say don’t think of a blue tree, you focus on what you’re not supposed to.  So, make your goals both clear and positive.
    • Follow a SMART goal.   SMART goals are used in all good businesses.  Spend a little time answering these questions in relation to your goals.  Is your goal?

    S:  specific/simple/stretch/significant e.g. I want to earn £100k / weight 12 stones

    M: measurable / meaningful / motivational e.g. £100k net of tax this year

    A: act as if it has been achieved / agreed upon / attainable / acceptable / action-oriented.  It’s also important to express in present tense

    R: realistic / responsible / relevant / reasonable / rewarding / results-oriented

    T: toward what you want / timed

    Plan your goal.  Focus on the first week, month, 3 months, 6 months and year.  Even go ahead to three or five years.  The more detail you give, the better it will be.

    Mentally rehearse.  Spend a few minutes every day mentally rehearsing yourself achieve your goal.  Really picture yourself successfully getting what you want.  Hear the sounds, notice the great feelings you will feel.  Focus in and do this every day.

    Take action.  The key is action.  If you want to get what you want, you have to take action.  Therefore focus on getting what you want.  Look back at you SMART goals, as they’ll help you check if you’re on track.

    Now it’s over to you.  Some of you may want some help in going for it.  So tomorrow, I’m going to share a really brilliant self-hypnosis technique that is quick and will reinforce point #5.

    If you would like to know more about how NLP & hypnotherapy for habit breaking and habit may be able to help you*, then give us get in touch for your free 20 minute consultation valued at £50 via or on 0800 122 3073.

    Good luck with your goals!

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