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FREE consultation - value £50

Arrange your free consultation to see how Hypnotherapy can help you and get a free ‘Accelerated Relaxation Programme’ (RRP £17.99)

Accelerated Relaxation Programme CD
  • 2hr download value - £17.99
  • 20 minute consultation
  • 10% discount on all treatments

Fix My Mind

Our philosophy

Here at Fix My Mind, we provide rapidly effective, premium & personalised Clinical Hypnotherapy & NLP to people in London and Hampshire.  The team has over 25 years experience helping clients be more of who they want to be.

We thought you might want to know what a few clients have said about their experience of working with us, that will give you the confidence that with us you are in skilled and safe practitioners.

These are 100% genuine testimonials.

If having read this, you’d like to know more about how we can help you, we offer all clients a free 20-minute complimentary consultation. Call on freephone 0800 122 3073, or fill in the quick contact form. If you do, you get a free 2hr download called the ‘Accelerated Relaxation Programme’, valued at £19.99.

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Dame Kelly Holmes

I give my experience of hypnotherapy with James 10/10
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I felt and continue to feel completely free. It's been the easiest thing I could have imagined.

My brother gave me hypnotherapy with James as a Christmas present in 2016. I was deeply sceptical – I had smoked for almost 20 years and had never successfully managed to stop by myself. After a 2 hour session one January morning I walked out of the room and felt different. I felt in control of my urge to smoke for the first time ever. After a while I deliberately put myself in situations where I might ordinarily want a cigarette to test whether it had worked. I found I could sit with friends who smoked and not want one. I could drink wine and not feel the need to smoke.

I felt and continue to feel completely free. It’s been the easiest thing I could have imagined. Most of the process is deeply logical and practical (in the sense that James spends time breaking down the myths you believe about smoking). The actual hypnotic state is like that bit when you wake up where you’re fully conscious of everything around you but the desire to move is removed allowing you to focus completely on what is being said.

I feel free from urges to smoke but more than that my time is free, my head is free from thinking about smoking. Planning when I would have my next one, checking I have enough to last, worrying about not being able to afford them, beating myself up about smoking and the impact on my health, worrying about what others think of me, whether I smelled of smoke. All of the preoccupation that goes with smoking is also gone but I haven’t felt the need to replace it with anything either. I can’t recommend hypnotherapy with James more highly – especially to any sceptics!

From Rosie Wintour on February 9, 2017

All it took was one session with James to give me my life back

I can not believe that I suffered for nearly 10 long years with anxiety and panic attacks and all it took was one session with James to give me my life back. I’d tried numerous therapies, CBT etc before, but the feeling of anxiety and the urge to “get out of the room” was so strong I often couldn’t make it through the treatment, or left feeling more anxious and reinforcing my negative thought process.

James was incredibly understanding and instantly made me feel at ease. The session room is comfortable and quiet without distractions and has a very homely feel. I not only felt my anxiety leave and my confidence grow, but my the end of the session I actually really enjoyed the social interaction (something that had alluded me for a very long time).

I feel like me again, and for that I can’t thank James enough!

It was such a relief to let go of all that tension I’d been carrying around with me, and to just be able to live my life with confidence. I’m no longer afraid, and I now actually feel a sense of excitement about facing situations that used to completely debilitate me.

I practice what James taught me every day, and am really looking forward to the rest of my life Anxiety free.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

Eternally grateful

From Lindsey Collison on January 5, 2017

I have now had two sessions with James which I feel have transformed my life!

I have now had two sessions with James which I feel have transformed my life! I initially approached him to see if he could assist with chronic nerves whilst playing tennis in competitive situations. James spent half an hour on the phone with me before I made an appointment, discussing my issues and finding out more about me as a person. This was reassuring in the first instance as I felt that this was someone who was passionate about what he does, someone who felt that he could help, and not someone who was simply after another client.

Before our session I completed James’s questionnaire which while time consuming was actually very helpful to reflect on the issues that were causing the feelings that I experienced.

During the first session with James, whilst initially a little apprehensive I quickly became calm and relaxed – at no point did I feel in any way pressurized, confused, or not in control. I was completely aware of my state of being, the surroundings and everything that I was saying and James was saying to me. James actually managed to resolve my issues very quickly, and gave me some wonderful techniques to use when I am playing which have transformed my enjoyment of the sport that I love.

I made another appointment to see James about an ongoing insomnia issue. This was a much more involved session, and quite emotionally hard work for me, but has literally been life transforming. I felt that James went the extra mile and really wanted to help me achieve a positive outcome. I actually thought that I was just one of life’s ‘bad sleepers,’ but now I know that there is no such thing. It is easy to exist with a problem and survive, but so much better to tackle the problem and turn it around. I will always feel indebted to James for what he has done.

From Wendy Perring on November 7, 2016

I went with an open mind and experienced the most extraordinary ten minutes, yes that is all it took!!

I went with an open mind and experienced the most extraordinary ten minutes, yes that is all it took!! And for the first time in decades I can travel in a lift, and even take a selfie at the same time, instead of making an escape plan in case it breaks down.

There has been a side effect of this treatment too; I can now tolerate spiders and approach each day with enthusiasm instead of pessimism.

Next on the list is a cave tour and an aeroplane journey! I am looking forward to my adventures, instead of backwards at my unhappiness.

Thank you James.

From Pamela Johns on August 11, 2016

The fact I can do this is life changing

I was very sceptical about hypnotherapy and openly admitted to James that I wasn’t sure I believed in it and whether it would work. However, I cannot express enough how grateful I am to him for completely curing me of my phobia. For years, I was unable to get into lifts and confined spaces. This phobia was not only hugely embarrassing and upsetting but negatively affected my behaviour and influenced my relationships, because it controlled where I could go and what I could do – essentially it controlled me.

I visited James as an almost last ditch attempt because I was desperate and I am so happy that I took this decision. He has a very calming manner about him and showed great patience with me as I repeatedly told him I didn’t think it would work. However, by the end of the session with him I was not only able to get into the incredibly small lift in his building, but I wanted to! I can’t express how amazing this was for me; I felt giddy with relief and like a weight had been lifted from my entire body. I subsequently spent the next days and weeks seeking out lifts in which I could get into, which is absolutely incredible after years of being paralysed with fear even thinking about them!

James kindly contacted me a few weeks later to follow up on the treatment and I said that I was scared I still felt anxious but that I didn’t need really know if did. He kindly asked me back to see him at no charge and talked me through certain techniques and again, at the end of this I was going up and down in the lift like it was as easy as brushing my teeth. The fact I can do this is life changing – James changed my life! This is an incredible thing to be able to admit about anyone.

From Laura Jeffrey on July 28, 2016

This is the only treatment that has ever made a difference

James, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you’ve done for me. I feel so different since our session which has had a huge positive effect. I am so much more confident now and I no longer have that negative voice, it’s been totally replaced by ‘you’re the best’.

I recently did some filming and there was excitement but not the hideous wracking nerves that I had constantly had before. I’m much more happy about myself and my performance in general.

Consequently at recent castings I’ve been able to take this new found confidence into the room. One of the biggest tools I’ve found helpful is putting things into a bubble and floating them off/erasing them, any time I get a negative thought into the bubble it goes and it’s gone and my mind focuses on something else.

Once again a huge thank you, this is the only treatment I’ve ever had that has truly made a difference, and what a big one

From Fiona Hurd on July 20, 2016

The memories of 6 months of fear and suffering were gone after just one session

After suffering from panic attacks and PTSD for over 6 months and trying a variety of therapies including CBT I came across fix my mind.

I took a leap of faith and gave James a call where I had a consultation and arranged a appointment to see James.

Although I was sceptic whether this would work or not I was still hopefull that maybe James could be the guy who could make me feel “normal” again.

All I can say is just like magic all my panic and anger were gone and the memories of 6 months of fear and suffering were gone after just one session.
I am not able to thank James enough for giving my life back and all I could suggest is that to anyone suffering they should give this a try because it really really does work!

From Juliana Bekteshi on June 6, 2016

I achieved a massive turnaround about the way I felt

After a diagnosis of Parkinson’s, I found myself becoming anxious in mundane situations and I began struggling to remain active and upbeat. As a Clinical Hypnotherapist myself, I knew many techniques that would help, but I seemed unable to focus on any of them. As Parkinson’s causes anxiety and affects mobility, thinking positively and remaining active makes a big difference to well-being, so I felt I really needed help to avoid a downward spiral.

Finding James was the best course of action I could have taken. Not only did he help me ‘shift my thinking’ towards beneficial thought processes, but he also helped me deal with the negative impact of the rather unsympathetic delivery of the diagnosis, and with a barrage of emotions about my health that I hadn’t even considered, but which were adding to my distress.

I chose to have five sessions to cover all the issues, during which I achieved a massive 360 degree turnaround about the way I felt. James eliminated the trauma of the delivery of the diagnosis in minutes, literally. He was supportive, empathic and challenging in exactly the right measures. He helped me to achieve all my health goals, and I continue to feel positive, to remain active, and to view my condition as a manageable nuisance instead of the major burden it was pre-James.

Finally, as a therapist, I know how important it is to have accredited training and experience, and James’s background and credentials were fundamental to me choosing him to work with; I wholeheartedly recommend him.

From Barbara Cook on June 5, 2016

Completely changed my life

Amazing !!! Completely changed my life
From Julie on May 30, 2016

Attitude, professionalism and confidence was so rewarding

A HUGE thanks to James for helping me cure my phobia of cats. I have been struggling with this phobia for many years and after wasting a heck a lot of money with other ‘hypnotherapists’ I decided to give James a call.

His attitude, professionalism and confidence to fix my problem was so rewarding and refreshing to see. He has helped me so much, been patient and most of all cured me (that in just one session)! He has also given me tips to deal with daily stresses and followed up with me to make sure I was ok after my session. Give him a call you will not be disappointed! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

From Aruna Bhalla on May 26, 2016

One session completely transformed my thinking & reversed negative feelings

What an amazing and life changing experience! In one short session James completely transformed my way of thinking and so totally reversed the negative feelings I was having about a major event. I went into his session feeling curious but, to be honest, cynical about any results or change -and then came out 40 minutes later a total convert and now believe anyone who has something they wish to overcome should definitely talk to James!

I was preparing to run my first London Marathon, which was also my first ever marathon. I am a naturally calm and positive person and had trained hard for the event but the closer I came to the ‘big day’ the more nervous I became. When people asked me how I was feeling I gabbled and gave silly negative answers. Whilst on my longer training runs I became panicy and overwhelmed by negative feelings and worries, all of which I knew were irrational!

Although I kept telling myself it would be ‘fine’ I became more and more anxious until a friend recommended James. I thought I would give it a try to humour them really but couldn’t have been more wrong! James completely ‘fixed’ me! At the end of the session he asked me to try and get nervous/anxious and I couldn’t! It was the strangest feeling to suddenly be free of the physical and emotional feelings of stress and anxiety.

My appointment with James was 4 days before I ran the marathon and during those days I didn’t once feel worried or scared, in fact I became really excited about the event. On the morning of the race I had ‘butterflies’ in my tummy but it was more of a feeling of excitement and adrenalin than fear. My marathon went as well as I could have hoped – I ran a time of 4hr16mins which I was so pleased with and I really enjoyed the day! Of course it was still challenging to run 26 miles but James’ advice and exercises enabled me to focus on the running and the event which will definitely be one of my greatest lifetime achievements! Thank you James!

From Rosalind Priddle on May 18, 2016

It completely changed my performance & I'm getting better results

As a performing musician I’d suffered with stage fright for many years. I worked with James ahead of an important competition, and in just two hours he equipped me with the mental tools to keep my nerves in proportion to the situation and under control. It has completely changed the way I approach performance, and as a consequence I’m getting better results.

From Ashton Gray on May 4, 2016

I have already booked another holiday

James, I flew and did it with one hundred percent calmness. All your techniques were brilliant thank you so so much. Honestly I wouldn’t have done that without you. Have already booked another holiday. I have been practising the exercises. Honestly you have helped me to recover from my trauma I am so delighted.

From Susie P on April 4, 2016

One session removed the feelings and strong emotional attachments

I went to James with anxiety issues resulting from some 3 seperate incidents that took place over 7 years. I felt a great deal of emotional attachments to these events which were never far from my daily thoughts.

After working with James for one session we managed to remove the feelings and stromg emotional attachments. I can now think about those situations without any of
The negative feeings coming back.

James has helped me. I did not need a second session with James as we believed we had accomplished the main reasons for attending. James returned my deposit for my second session in full evan though I had taken up a Friday afternoon slot.

Great experience. 5 star!

From Shaun on March 10, 2016

I can honestly say (as cheesy as it sounds) that it has changed my life

I’m so glad I took the plunge and made an appointment.

I can honestly say (as cheesy as it sounds) that it has changed my life. I was chained to smoking and desperately wanted to stop yet just couldn’t seem to. It had become my emotional crutch and I was caught in a cycle of smoking and self hate.

Since my session with James I can’t imagine myself ever having a cigarette again. I haven’t even missed it and it didn’t even enter my mind on a night out drinking; smoking just isn’t a part of my life any more.

What was really unique about my session was James’ ability to help me with the emotional issues which were making me rely on smoking, He used some techniques which mean I can still remember the traumatic events but the emotions are gone. I feel free to start living, rather than just existing as I have been. James is really warm yet professional, and I felt safe and comfortable.

I couldn’t recommend James more highly

From Em Cumberland on February 12, 2016

Since my appointment the feelings of panic have subsided, the flustering has gone

I am beyond grateful for what was achieved in one session. I had been experiencing problems with anxiety, especially at work in high pressure situations. I would become flustered and trip up over my own tongue, losing the ability to articulate words properly.

It was embarrassing!

Since my appointment the feelings of panic I would experience have subsided, the flustering has gone, and I no longer become tongue tied. It has made a colossal difference in how I feel, and how I now approach these high pressure environments. The new confidence I now have is priceless!

From Jayne Greenwood on December 21, 2015

At no point have I even consider starting smoking again

I was immediately put at ease, the day I arrived to finish my cigarette smoking habit. I had to put in some pre-meeting work, which we went back & forth on, but which ultimately, made sense. The work I was challenged on, gave James a more complete picture of who I was and my motivations to give up.

Usually, it is difficult situations that push people back to smoking. After getting hypnotised, I had to get my UK visa (that I’d been working 8 years towards), I took redundancy from work after 7 years, I broke up with my girlfriend, I moved flats, started a new job, completed my first half Ironman triathlon, then five weeks later completed my first full Ironman…. but at no point did I even consider starting smoking again.

It was the strength of hypnosis that has enabled me to start proper endurance training, where this year I have completed two Olympic distance triathlons, a half Ironman, a full Ironman, and just recently, a category 5 Ultra-marathon! I have also referred four friends on to James and am happy to advise that all have successfully stopped smoking.

I believe James’ methods are tried and true, proven by results.

From Greg Petters on December 16, 2015

I experienced the release of the past phobia

Before the session I was sent some pre session questions and was asked to journal when I experienced the phobias. This went over about two weeks before the session. During this time I started to get really aware of what I was doing. I sent the pre session notes before the session. On meeting James I felt completely at ease and had an open mind as to the session as I’d not done this before.

I felt very buzzy straight after the session – very energised and with some nervous energy. I felt I had experienced the release of the past phobia and was just really excited about getting back in the car and no longer feeling apprehensive about journey’s, panic when cars were driving behind me and being able to use an escalator on my own.

At the end of the session we even went to the nearest tube station and James travelled behind me as I went down the escalator on my own not holding on to anyone. There was no hesitation I stepped on. Then I did the next one and then went up two on my own, again with James travelling behind me.

It was a few days before I would test being out in my car, and when I did I felt like the cars were much further away from me in my rear view mirror. The pressure of traffic behind me had gone. I also found myself smiling and feeling very happy as I was driving, which I’d visualised during the technique.

I didn’t know much about Havening before meeting James, however was interested and wanted to experience a new treatment for the two very limiting life phobias I’d had for a long time. The process was extremely fast and a little strange in a good way, and then when James explained it all after, it completely made sense.

I would say the technique has worked in that I can now step on and use an escalator and I no longer panic when a vehicle is on the road behind me. I felt at first I needed to test this process and do the two things I’d avoided so much, however in reality it’s more just about accepting and getting on, so I’d say this technique while it gives a fast release it’s not necessarily just about instant results, and you are taught how to use the process to do it for yourself in future events. It was a great pleasure to work with James, very professional, easy to understand and his office in London was easy to get to from main railway stations into London.

From Emma Canham on December 8, 2015

After just one session my anxiety and stress issues have disappeared

I contacted Fix My MInd, as I had been experiencing episodes of stress and anxiety, particularly in school where I work as a teacher.

We conducted a session via Skype and I was given a series of simple, effective, non threatening tasks to combat the problem. I was amazed at how quickly I felt calm and in control. After just one session my anxiety and stress issues have disappeared! Brilliant!

I was also shown a task to complete should the anxieties return. James was very approachable, calm and reassuring. I can’t thank him enough for his help.

From Helen Nye on December 3, 2015

I am going from strength to strength, thank you

I came across Fix my mind, exactly a year ago when I was going through a really rough patch in my professional life. I have been working for blue chip companies for over 18 years and realised that in 3 out of 5 of those companies, I have not been able to succeed or get promoted to the level I wanted to. I hit rock bottom when I was let go after failing a probationary period after only 3 months, from a senior position

.I couldn’t carry on as I was upset, lost all my confidence and lost the fight in me to pick my self up. My personal life also started to suffer as a consequence.

James was very quick to come back to me after I asked him to help me (via email) and very flexible to meet me after work and in the 1st 2 hour session, he made me tap into a mind field. He helped me to fix my mind, and literally after the 1st session, I took the bull by its horn and started to steer it. James suggested a series of sessions, to root cause analyse where the failure may have stem from and worked with a tool kit to cure and prevent it reoccurring.

James was nothing short of a miracle worker for me. Also, unlike any counselling or therapists, he is fairly firm with me, helps me to drive myself. I consider James as my mentor and coach and I cant recommend him enough for his work and what he did for me to fix my mind. It is amazing how mind of matter works, and I am going from strength to strength, thank you.

From Nadia Doughty on December 1, 2015

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FREE consultation - value £50

Arrange your free consultation to see how Hypnotherapy can help you and get a free ‘Accelerated Relaxation Programme’ (RRP £17.99)

Accelerated Relaxation Programme CD
  • 2hr download value - £17.99
  • 20 minute consultation
  • 10% discount on all treatments